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Window frames

We develop, transform and install several solutions, systems of aluminum, iron and PVC, tailored to the client’s requirements.

Alferave provides you with personalized advice so that each product suits your needs and requirements.

Serviços de Serralharia - Caixilharia
Serviços de Serralharia - Portões Alferave


The versatility of aluminum and iron allows us to offer a wide variety of solutions for doors and gates of various types.

Technicians specialized in the installation and repair of automatisms for garage doors, gates and all types of doors.


With a high quality standard, there are several solutions adaptable to all types of environments, linking decoration to functionality.

In our product range, you can find solutions from the most basic to the most complex. The quality of the raw materials we use are the guarantee of characteristics such as insulation, sun protection and durability.

Serviços de Serralharia - Estores
Serralharia - Decoração


We conceive and elaborate creative concepts for private and commercial interiors.

Our team has extensive experience in high-precision artistic metalwork.

Serralharia - Estruturas em Alumínio

Aluminum Structures

Winter Gardens
Business Units
Commercial Buildings

Serralharia - Fachadas


Industrial ships
Multisport, etc.

Serralharia - Gradeamentos

Aluminum Railings

Greater durability;
Greater functionality;
Ability to adjust to the client’s aesthetic ideal.

We have several solutions for your home!

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